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Introducing HoopTag: Durable Vinyl Tags for Your HoopBoot.

HoopTag utilizes tough vinyl material to convey clear messages for your HoopBoot. These resilient tags are ideal for notifying customers of temporary closures and can be customized with additional information.

Resistant to moisture, abrasion, and wear, HoopTags are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use in any weather condition. With a convenient write-on surface, they ensure your message is easily readable.

- Constructed from durable vinyl
- Weather and tear-resistant
- Features a write-on surface
- Available with nylon or rugged wire loop for hanging

- Clearly communicates temporary closures to customers
- Provides contact information for further inquiries
- Versatile for indoor and outdoor use
- Long-lasting and reusable

Order your HoopTags today to effectively manage temporary closures of your basketball goal with clarity and ease!

Introducing our 200A Series Aluminum Padlock:

- Crafted in the USA with a blend of domestic and global components
- Features a high-security brass cylinder resistant to picking and bumping
- Boasts a 5.5" hardened steel shackle with a ball bearing design for smooth operation
- Equipped with a 6-pin cylinder and special security pins for enhanced protection
- Anodized aluminum body resists corrosion and fading, available in vibrant orange or sleek black

Key Features:
- Hardened steel shackle offers cut resistance and rust-proofing
- Security pins deter break-in attempts
- Brass cylinder provides added protection against picking and bumping
- Anodized aluminum body ensures weatherproof durability

- Provides peace of mind with top-tier security
- Built to withstand harsh weather conditions
- Smooth, ball-bearing operation for easy use
- Available in two colors to suit your preferences

Order your 200A Series Aluminum Padlock today and elevate your property's security!

For keyed alike locks, please contact us via the form below.


New HoopLock! $30.00 w/free shipping

New Vinyl HoopTag $10.00 and free shipping to USA.

3.375 x 5.875

Easy to put up or take down

Your Court, Your Rules

Do you have a basketball hoop on your property? If so, you know the feeling of having people come and use it without your permission. It can be frustrating, especially if they’re using it when you don’t want them too.

The HoopBoot is a simple and effective way to keep unauthorized people off of your basketball hoop. It's a steel locking device that slides easily over the entire rim and can be secured with a padlock. Once the HoopBoot is in place, no one can use the hoop without your permission.

The HoopBoot is perfect for homes, businesses, schools, and parks. It's also a great way to reduce liability if someone gets hurt while using your hoop.

The HoopBoot is easy to install and remove, and it's made of durable materials that can withstand the elements. It's the perfect way to keep your basketball hoop safe and secure.


  • Prevents unauthorized use of basketball hoop
  • Reduces liability
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Durable and weather-resistant


  • Peace of mind
  • Reduced risk of vandalism or theft
  • Increased safety for everyone

Order your HoopBoot today and take back control of your basketball hoop!

Because good locks make good neighbors 336.294.6314

What Is the HoopBootTM?

A locking device for your basketball hoop.  Protection for your property.

Who Needs This?

Schools, Playgrounds, Parks,

Recreation Centers, Churches, Private Homes


Reduce Liability

Stop Trespassers

Avoid Vandalism

It's your hoop, let them play when you want to and not when you don't.