Because of COVID-19 the basketball goal is

temporarily locked for your safety.

During these challenging times of COVID-19, prioritizing social distancing has become essential, even if it means temporarily restricting access to basketball courts.

While it's not our usual practice and some may find it inconvenient or offensive, it's a necessary step for the safety of everyone.

Many have discovered that instead of removing the basketball goal or implementing makeshift solutions, using the HoopBoot for temporary closure offers a convenient alternative.

Because good locks make good neighbors 336.294.6314

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Let's your customers know this is just temporary.

Experience the convenience of the HoopBoot - simply slide it on and slide it off.

- Saves time during setup and removal.
- Minimizes confrontation with users.
- Streamlines the process, saving hours on both takedown and setup.

Make managing your basketball goals effortless with the HoopBoot.